Lovey Chambers, a passionate but incompetent woman,  finds herself in the midst of a resistential crisis. Not only are everyday objects confounding her, but her boyfriend has vanished and been replaced by an exact duplicate (who doesn't seem to recognize her.) Desperate to find love and restore order to her chaotic life, Lovey must uncover the source of the objects' anger.




OBJECTS ATTACK! is a film about filmmaking. I shot on Super 8mm because a] it's beautiful and b] you can ALWAYS see the filmmaking! There's hair in the gate, scratches on the celluloid, flares and flickers that I wouldn't dare to remove. Sometimes you can hear the camera noise, a warm whirring in the background of scenes. All the things they told us to fix in  film school [so as not to take the viewer out of the narrative] I embraced. Dig it or don't.


OBJECTS ATTACK! is an absurdist comedy, and for the savvy film viewer, a loving homage to horror movies, westerns, blaxploitation flix, and 60s psychedelia. The film may feel retro, but it's not a parody of old films. Psychedelically speaking, Peter Sykes' brilliant, bizarre and rare film "The Committee" was a huge influence on OBJECTS ATTACK! OBJECTS ATTACK! revives the musical interlude, while paying homage to Arthur Brown's scene-stealing performance in "The Committee". Like many that came before it, OBJECTS ATTACK! is a freewheeling exercise in pure filmmaking, unbeholden to market forces and notions of good taste.

So with all that in mind, I invite you to PSYCH OUT! WIG OUT! and FREAK OUT! and enjoy the film.


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